Wendy Beckerman
  1. Gillianna -:-- / -:--

All the boys love Gillianna
Gillianna understands
Follow her across the country
Two by sea and one by land

All the girls love Gillianna
Gather close to touch her skin
Hang their beads upon her body
Gillianna Magdalene

Gillianna small and mighty
Tucks her hair behind her ear
Carries on her naked shoulder
Two regrets and one small tear

Gillianna writes a letter
Says I hope your heart feels better
Let the pages fall
They feel nothing at all

Once she mingled with magicians
Gillianna Halloween
Now she answers all your riddles
In the telephone machine

Gillianna blue and cloudy
Takes a rowboat out to sea
Ends the day without a lover
Two get hooked and one set free