Wendy’s fifth CD, Angel In My Ear is available here and through all streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music.

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Your Mindful Voice: Since 2015, Wendy has been integrating her passions of music and Mindfulness through Your Mindful Voice. Created in collaboration with vocal coach and songwriter Louise Taylor, the two co-lead transformational retreats and workshops for professional and amateur singers and speakers. The next retreat is scheduled for February 16-18, 2024 at Ralston White Retreat in Mill Valley, CA.

Love the Bay – Episode 18: Bay Station’s Deborah Crooks and Kwame Copeland welcomed songwriters and collaborators Wendy Beckerman and Louise Taylor aboard their folk boat Espresso on a spring day to discuss the sustaining practices of songwriting, singing and mindfulness amid much rollicking laughter and waters. Search YouTube for “Love the Bay Episode 18” or follow these links for the 1-min teaser and full episode (50 mins).

More Songs About… (April 2021) “In the midst of chaos, 13 very different artists found a way to grow together, and More Songs About Birds and Trees is the soundtrack to their first birthday party.”

The Little Village Foundation includes Wendy’s song “All the Love in the World” as part of the 20×20 Singer/Songwriter Compilation (November 2020), an artistic community response to the pandemic. Her partner Karen Almquist accompanies her on guitar, also performed at home on video.

Fast Folk Musical Magazine archives are available for purchase at Smithsonian Folkways.  Many studio and live performances by Wendy Beckerman are included.

Vigil (Conscious Records), produced by Suzanne Vega — A compilation of songs (including two by Wendy Beckerman) inspired by the events of Sept. 11, written by songwriter’s meeting participants, to benefit survivors of victims of the attacks. Available at as Vigil: Various Artists

Photographers: Photos by Nancy Beckerman and Michael Fox are featured throughout this website.