Angel in my Ear (2014)

“The songs build a world in your mind’s eye, but it isn’t one you’d want to visit; It’s one where you want to buy property and put down roots.” — Jim Allen, Music Journalist/Editor/Songwriter

Canyon Heart (2001)

Canyon Heart is like a clear morning after a night of hard rain.” — Robert Penick, Louisville Eccentric Observer

“She’s recorded four CDs, and you can tell. A great singer/songwriter with a wonderful, unaffected voice. Amazing arrangements of acoustic guitar, vocals and strings. Gorgeous melodic songs with perfect harmonies. Her songs seem to aim not to impress, but to express. Very creative.”— Derek Sivers, President,

Mango Moon (1997)

Mango Moon is an incredible recording, one of those rare beasts that is as intellectually compelling as it is emotionally comforting.'”
— Out ‘n About

Marina’s Owl (1994)

“This is a must-buy project… every song is melodically infectious. Most importantly, it is genuinely unique and original.” — Victory Review

By Your Eyes (1992)

“Beckerman has a fine talent for writing from the darker side, knows how to edit her words down to a sharp point, and has an ear for keening melodies.” — Dirty Linen