Wendy Beckerman
Folk, Jazz
  1. Cascade -:-- / -:--

Water doesn’t start
It doesn’t end
It just cascades
From one stone
Down to touch the stone
That sits below
This is how I see
The way your love
Is passed to me
It doesn’t start
It doesn’t end
It simply flows

Morning doesn’t fail
To paint her light
Upon the leaves
Her light awakens
Something sweet
Inside of me
This is how I hear
Your amber voice
So warm and clear
It doesn’t fail
To bear its waking

Breezes off the shore
Cannot be seen
But in the waving
Of the grasses
Blowing long
And bending low
This is how I feel
Your joyful soul
From head to heel
It can’t be seen
But I can feel
The way it flows
Ooh it flows