Everything Takes Time

Wendy Beckerman
  1. Everything Takes Time -:-- / -:--

I go to the river when the moonshine sets
I find my reflection till my face gets wet
Once to the south and twice to the west
And everything takes time

I hold my umbrella when the clouds get weak
I cut out a circle where my eye can peek
I see what you’re saying before you speak
And everything takes time

I’m coming to see you when the cows go out
They’re crowding the mirror and the bathtub spout
I’ll get to your bedside by the scenic route
And everything takes time

I got an empty envelope with postage due
It came across the ocean on the QE II
I put it in my pocket where the seam is strong
It must be worth a fortune if it took that long

I keep my invention in a wooden crate
It slices and dices and it tells your fate
Bring something to read ’cause it’ll make you wait
And everything takes time

I stepped on a flower and its life was spent
Intentional murder or accident
Who would believe I was innocent
And everything takes time