If I Ask For Love

Wendy Beckerman
  1. If I Ask For Love -:-- / -:--

If I ask for love go away
I fall alone
If I ask for love to stay
Then I become the stone
If I ask for love to leave me
In the house from where I came
Then I long for love to come
And take my final name

Love is something I have seen
Beneath the sturdy sky
The dust of disappointment
Comes to blow against my eyes
Now the tears of ecstasy
And swollen lips of tender kisses
Hide beneath the grit
And keep the lovers from their misses

You who gather flowers
Far before the petals bloom
And tie them in a bundle
For the healing of your wounds
How will you return
What you have taken to your darkest place
The empty ones go hungry
While the colors go to waste

repeat 1st verse