Now Is The Dream

Wendy Beckerman
  1. Now Is The Dream -:-- / -:--

My candle burns low
Its light only passes
A shadow of me onto you
I move not a step
The floor underneath me
Would cry and would moan
And would stir you
Empty your mind
Picture the water
Float in the sight and the sound
The beating of night
The beam of the moon on the wall
Your world turns around

Now is the dream
Melting the song
Now is the dream
Spinning the night
Now is the dream
That brings you tomorrow
That shows your desire in the light
In the light

The walls of this room
Are watching you weep
Longing for faraway places
Where will the sadness
Have gone in the morning
Without ever leaving its traces
The next time you see
You’ll remember how easily
Night washes clean
Al the streets in this town
The heavy and dark
The dust and the thickness of day
The promises already gone