Shadow Of A Devil

Wendy Beckerman
  1. Shadow Of A Devil -:-- / -:--

I saw the shadow of a devil
It didn’t speak at all
Even without the sunlight
It sat there on the wall

It never asked me for a favor
It didn’t take my hand
The big shot shadow of a devil
Didn’t think I’d understand

How could I resist the temptation
To show my better half
I called the wind and the thunder
The shadow only laughed

I strutted down the hallway
I tried to clear my mind
But the shadow stood before me
Like a six-foot fire sign

I saw the shadow of a devil
He nearly stole my sight
I pushed him down into a corner
You should have seen the fight

First I became a window
The shadow crept right through
Then I became a mirror
And the shadow lost its view

I used to be a virgin
With braids of silk and gold
But now I am a merchant
With the deveil’s shadow sold