Wendy Beckerman
  1. Tattoo -:-- / -:--

I know a girl
Who got a tattoo
Her mama can’t see it
But she might show you
She walks with me
Only halfway home
She used to keep a diary
And now it’s gone

She gave me a letter
She wrote at night
I couldn’t really read it
‘Cause she doesn’t like light
She felt she was falling
In someone’s hand
I think it was a dream she had
And didn’t understand

What does she do
When she goes home
Climbs up the stairs
Changes into different clothes
Silent man
Is he leaving soon
She shatters the window
To let in the moon

Where is the girl
Who got a tattoo
I saw her in the park
With a new hairdo
She walked with a limp
And a twinkle in her eye
She wrapped her arms around herself
And nearly cried

She used to tell the future
Now she reads the news
Yesterday her eyes were green
And now they’re blue