Who Would Dare

Wendy Beckerman
  1. Who Would Dare -:-- / -:--

Who would dare to see you now
See what you have done
Who would dream of following
Who would dare to come
Who would dare to find you there
Deep inside the earth
Who would walk along the stones
Leading from your birth

Who would dare to touch you now
All your clothes are worn
All your hair is long and free
All your skin is torn
Who would dare to love you now
Now that you grow wild
Who would seep inside of you
Who would bear your child

Who would call you by name
By the cold of the north
And when reaching the wind
Who would call in prayer
Who would call to the rain
In the thunder’s voice
Who would throw such a tale to the air
Who would dare

Who would dare to see you now
In your secret home
Feel the walls that keep you there
Inches from the bone
Who would dare to sing to you
Who would hear your cry
Who would lie beside you
On the day you dare to die