If I Were You

Wendy Beckerman
  1. If I Were You -:-- / -:--

If I were you
I’d tell her I don’t mind your crying
and I’d say don’t be afraid of dying
while the day is passing
I’d take her hand
and tell her nothing you could do
Would make me find my other shoe
And walk away from all your sadness
If I were you

I would not see her as a liar
When all she ever wanted
Was to hide her imperfections from you

But I’m not you
And I don’t see the world the way you do
And when I sleep I dream
And when I wake I can remember
All the motion in the monster
All the flicker in the fire
You say you don’t dream at all

If I were you
I could rise early in the morning
And write a simple letter to her
Saying I am sorry
And she would cry
If she were someone who could love you
And forgive you for the days
When you would keep her from her living

If I were you
I’d understand that all you wanted
Was to take her in your body
Just to keep her from the danger of the dark