Wendy Beckerman
  1. Judy -:-- / -:--

Judy has come in
And her face is yellowing
No one tells her so
But they say it when she goes
So I asked her on the phone
She was calling from the street
Is there something I can do
And her voice rose from beneath her feet

I want to be alone
I want to be with people
I want to be a bird who flies south
I want a heart of snow
Hard enough to walk on
A heart of snow
Soft enough to fall in

Judy’s walking home
She’s been walking every day
Looking for her soul
Thinking the birds carried it away
And she doesn’t want the truth
And she doesn’t want the lie
And she doesn’t want the neigborhood
To laugh above her midnight cry

I want to walk through the wall
I want the sun up again
I want the years to go by
So I can see how it ends
I want to fight off the enemy
But I can’t find where it lies
I want to ring all the doorbells
And run away alive

I was once a child
Who could hold my breath so long
Judy said this
And I thought it made her strong
And she said she had to go
And it took a while to do
And I heard her daddy say
Hold your breath and you turn blue