Made To Survive

Wendy Beckerman
  1. Made To Survive -:-- / -:--

Too early for sunrise
Can’t see out the window
Too late for the moon moon moon
To shine on my head
Too early for springtime
To come here a-knocking
Too late for some hero
Of nuclear fear
To climb into my bed

‘Cause too many people
See themselves as forever
Even after the river
Has given up trying
I don’t want to be there
When all that is living
Is ambitious lovers
Without any covers
Who won’t be caught dying

And they will sing I miss the dog
Darling you’re staring again
This town is dead on a Saturday night
No paper on Sunday
The roaches are fighting
There’s a hole in the bedroom
Where the bed used to lie lie lie
So darling come into the fallout
And make love to me
‘Cause you said we were made to survive

Too late to drop acid
Too early for suicide
There must be a reason
You turned out this way
Too early for barbeque
Too late for a double date
How does it feel
To be rockin’ and reelin’
With something to say

Too late to call mother
She already warned you
You get what you wish for dear
So be careful when
You blow out the candles
Or you’ll be like the lovers
Who stay above ground
In the deadliest town
On the first of the year