Tell Us What To Do

Wendy Beckerman
  1. Tell Us What To Do -:-- / -:--

Tell us what to do
We will do what you say
Tell us what to feel
Till the fear goes away
Till we see the light
As an angel star
Tell us what to do

Here we go again
Roller coaster ride
And the ticket line
Leads us deep inside
And the price we pay
No one seems to know
Here we go again

Give us a sign and we’ll read it aloud
Give us a cause and we’ll feel so proud
To make you happy
To make you God

Make us bend our head
For to hear you speak
Keep us underfed
Ration out mystique
Till our chin stands out
With nobility
Make us bend our head

When the fun begins
We will dress in blue
As a pseudonym
For a darker hue
We will raise our hands
Towards the blue-ish sky
When the fun begins