Write You A Letter

Wendy Beckerman
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I call you almost every day
I can’t say everything I want to say
So if that princess phone don’t ring
I write you a letter

There’s someone else I’d rather be
But that someone might not fit on me
I look into the mirror and there’s no one there
So I write you a letter

What does it feel like in your hand
My insides papering the street again
Concrete heart and a cobblestone soul
Double yellow line in your mailbox hole

I got a flowered dress at the five and ten
With a lace-up front and a ruffled hem
It’s a little too tight but you’ll like it alright
So I write you a letter

When I wake up with a half moon out
And I catch a chill in the shadow of doubt
I light a candle and I jump about
And I write you a letter

I never thought I’d be the kind
To stop on the street and get my old shoes shined
Blue on the bottom and sunny on the side
Lick a stamp on the top for an airmail ride

The postman’s walking down my lane
I hold my dog with a bone and chain
If you don’t write back I’ll go insane
So write me a letter